Sloped Arm Sofas

Sloped Arm Sofas have become very popular and stylish pieces of furniture these days. You can choose from a wide selection of models and designs, like the straight arm, which has a short frame that is slanted to fit against the wall or the full-length piece that is almost like a chair with rounded arms. Both these styles are very stylish when they are placed in an open-plan living or dining room. A Sloped Arm Sofa is ideal for a guest room because it looks great and matches with most home decors. They can be used as a standard sofa during the day and then converted into a bed during the night.
The majority of sloped arm sofas are made of the finest quality leather and can be found in many different designs, from simple contemporary designs to more luxurious and elegant designs. The armrests are usually either fabric or leather and there is usually a button or a zipper that can be folded up so that the sofa can be pulled out and easily positioned against a chosen wall or corner. Some models of sofa beds even feature storage drawers underneath the cushions, which makes them very convenient to use. There is nothing more relaxing than lying back on a comfortable sofa and watching a movie while being able to reach over and access the storage space beneath it.
Sloped arm sofas are very flexible as you can make them match almost any decor in a room. You can also take them to the next level by buying an adjustable model. These look very much like a normal armchair but can be raised or lowered by a simple switch. You can adjust them to the height you need for the size of your room. This makes them ideal not only for sitting but for occasional standing as well, if you have the room. An adjustable sofa will also make a perfect addition to a bedroom, where it can be used as a bed, a chair, or even just a spot to put the remote control.

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